“Every story has a beginning.  Some build slowly over time, steeped in history and a collection of stories from a time long past. Some burst brightly out of darkness and seem to shift the world beneath our feet. Others pass us by, unrecognized, until their beauty reveals itself and we look back and see a beauty greater still in the way everything just seems to have ‘always been,’” says Lauren Nester Zumwalt, owner ofRasberry Greene.  “Our beginning is all of these - our story is wrapped in history and the memories of others; it is fueled by an idea that seems to burn brighter with every passing moment and inspired, even still, by the way things have always been.”

Lauren’s parents, Joe and Betty Nester, built a beautiful lake and charming cottage in Soso, Mississippi, in the mid-1990s.  The property, called Rasberry Greene, quickly became the family’s favorite weekend getaway.  Lauren smiles, “My husband, Donnie, and I spent every Saturday morning on our favorite place, the front porch, listening to the woods wake up and enjoying the peaceful setting.” 

One morning, while sipping coffee and admiring the gorgeous pine trees towering over them, they became overwhelmed with joy and gratitude for the beautiful spot.  “We wanted to find a way to share that feeling with others, and to feel like Rasberry Greene is their home place. We want them to feel welcomed, to feel taken care of, to feel the draw of the land. We want them to enjoy the peace and quiet of the country, to relax and enjoy a slower pace.” 

Lauren’s son, Casey, and his wife, Laura, are talented wedding photographers, and encouraged Lauren and Donnie to create a lovely wedding venue.  Lauren says, “One thing led to another and The Gin at Rasberry Greene was born!  Our name comes from my maternal grandfather, William Greene Rasberry, who owned a cotton gin and general mercantile store in downtown Soso during the 1920s through 1950s.  We love the little town of Soso and our Bernis Hill Road friends and neighbors, and we hope the folks who visit Rasberry Greene will love it, too!”

The wedding venue, reminiscent of an old cotton gin, was built out of the heart and soul of this dear family.  “We incorporated the little lake house into the design, which meant so much to my daddy.  The building is constructed of beautiful, native cypress with polished natural concrete floors and galvanized ceiling,” reflects Lauren.  “It’s not just a place to get married but a home for the beginning of each couples’ story.”

Whether a bride dreams of a rustic, industrial or romantic setting for her vows, The Gin at Rasberry Greene provides a fabulous backdrop. The Gin is also a perfect reception spot, with vintage décor, beautiful lighting, delicious fare and sweets, antique farm tables, and steaming cider and coffee bars. 

Lauren smiles, “Donnie and I want our couples and families to feel like they have been loved on and taken care of to the very best of our ability.  After the wedding weekend is done, we want them to have fond memories of our little spot in the woods, and to know they are always welcome to come home to Rasberry Greene.”

For more information on Rasberry Greene, please visit their website here!  The lovely photographs are courtesy of Rasberry Greene. 
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With Easter just weeks away, we are thrilled to feature today's precious photoshoot - a whimsical Easter tea party, complete with a dreamy tablescape, sweet treats and beautiful spring dresses.
Thank you to the extraordinary vendors who helped us create this lovely little tea party:

La Brioche - Our tiny guests feasted on colorful macarons, tasty truffles and tiny cakes at our favorite Jackson patisserie.  La Brioche will not only be serving these throughout the Easter season, but many other amazing desserts as well.  Alejandra Sprouts says, "For Easter we will have chocolate Easter eggs. There will be a few that will come with a surprise inside! We will also have truffles in the following flavors: coffee, caramel, peanut butter, cookies n' cream, apple brandy caramel and coconut hazelnut."  We cannot imagine anything more delicious!

Eventful set a perfectly sweet table, draped in pastel pink petals.  The girls enjoyed their treats on dainty white china and sipped juice out of tiny tea cups. Eventful is a unique design and rental service created by Erik Kegler and Marian Bowen, who design stunning events on any scale.  To learn more, visit their website here and their Facebook page here.

Sweet Dreams Children's Boutique - We love seeing children clothed in traditional southern attire during the Easter season.  Sweet Dreams in Madison is filled with precious items, including shoes, bonnets, bows, jewelry, swimwear and adorable clothing.  They dressed the girls in beautiful frocks, adorned with lace and lovely satin ribbons.

Mary Moment Photography - It was a fun celebration and Katie Stafford of Mary Moment Photography captured it perfectly!  Whether she is photographing children, families or a bride and groom, she always catches the most beautiful moments in her pictures.  Click here to view more of her incredible photographs.
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We are thrilled to feature a sweet engagement session today, shot by the talented Daesha Marie Photography, based in Starkville, Mississippi!  She beautifully captured Melissa and Wade in this romantic small town shoot.  You can view more of Daesha's photographs on her website here!
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Today we are delighted to share Persnickety’s Winter Interior Inspiration from the 2016 issue of Inspiration Mississippi Magazine!  Persnickety is a family-owned and operated store in Madison with beautiful china, gifts, accessories and more.  We had the pleasure of speaking with Kim Rogers, who smiles, “When people ask me what my job is at Persnickety, I always tell them, ‘I’m in charge of all things pretty.  Buying, decorating and inspiring.’”

Tell me a little bit about your history with Persnickety!
“Well, my history at Persnickety is quit a story!  I started working at Persnickety when I was fourteen. Sherri Hilton owned it at the time and just happened to be my neighbor. I would do whatever she needed me to; I just wanted to be there and she was nice enough to let me tag along. When I graduated from Ole Miss, I came home unexpectedly and my parents gave me month to get a job. Two days before that month was up, I called Sherri, and she told me she had sold the store! The Rogers from Morton had bought it and hired Flo Bryan as the new manager. I had gone to high school and college with Flo's daughter, Sue, and knew her well. Thankfully, she hired me that day and saved me from lots of trouble with my parents!

I did not know the Rogers family. I met Randy Rogers first and we bonded over that fact we were both Tri Delts at Ole Miss. Then I meet Mr. Ben and his teddy bear hugs and sweet eyes, and a couple weeks later B.C. and his infectious smile and laugh.  I had a handful of opportunities to leave and do other things, but Mr. Ben would not hear another word about me leaving!  A year later, B.C. and I started dating (a blind date I was unaware of until we were already on it)! A year and four months later we were married! Six months later, Sherri left me in charge of buying.  B.C. and I had our first child, our daughter Wren, and two years later our son Ivy. The Rogers call me a gift with purchase!  It's been one fun, ever changing, always colorful ride.”

What type of interior furnishings and accessories does Persnickety offer their customers?
“Interior furnishings are a matter of perspective. I always believe the perfect furnishings find you! That might be in a magazine, at a farmers market or in Persnickety. I decorate the store to inspire someone to take something they already own and blend it with a new lamp, a beautiful book or a one-of-a-kind art piece."

Will you share some of your decorating tips?
“Decorating with unexpected things in unpredictable places makes me happy!  If you really like an old bathing suit that your grandmother wore, frame it and hang it in your bathroom - a place you see everyday. It will be something to make you smile! If you have an old chest you want to breath life back into, we will help you find the perfect lamps to help accomplish that."

How does Persnickety help enhance a client’s personal style?
“Personal style reflects you. And we want to help you be you! That is what Persnickety does – we create the opportunity for you to be inspired! Whether you are searching for the perfect accent piece for your dining room, or the perfect birthday gift for someone, we have unique interiors and gifts that will inspire you in one way or another!”

Your Winter interiors board features such great textures and rich colors!  What type of textures, pieces, colors, etc. do you recommend adding to your home during the winter months?
“Texture, texture and more texture in the winter!  Leather, fur/faux fur, rich color and velvet.  I think this is the time to think heavy. I like rich fabrics and soft furs. I love  curling up on the couch with an extra furry blanket and being warmed by brilliant colors. Winter is not my favorite time of year, so I like to bring on the color when I'm not seasonally happy. In the spring, strip down back to basics and spend the rest of the year with light, bright and airy.

After the Christmas holidays, everyone takes down their tree and decorations and has the feeling of empty holes in their house. This is the best time to find a new vendor you love: a new potter, a new author or even a new artist!  Fill that void with one smart purchase and not impulsive clutter.”

Is there anything else you would like to add or share with our readers?
Buy things that inspire you and shop local!” 

Thank you so much, Kim!  For more information on Persnickety, please visit their website here

Also, a special thanks to Adam + Alli Photography for the beautiful photo of Persnickety's Winter Interior Inspiration Board! 
“Along the way, we have had people who have touched our lives.  Don’t settle for mediocrity.  Be pushed and pulled and stretched out of your comfort zone.  As long as you have the right heart and do things with the right intentions, it will all work out for your good.”  Reggie Kelly, former NFL Tight End and CEO of KYVAN Foods

“I’m just a small town country boy from Aberdeen, Mississippi.  Everybody knew each other and I couldn’t get into any trouble.  If I did, my parents gave my neighbors permission to spank me!” reflects Reggie Kelly.  “I was raised in a loving community.  I came from a family of cooks, not chefs, and we made any excuse to get together and have a big family meal.”

Kelly graduated from Aberdeen High School with honors, married his high school sweetheart, Sheila, and played football at Mississippi State University.  “I was drafted in the second round and played under Dan Rives for the Atlanta Falcons, then I went to the Cincinnati Bengals for eight years, then back to the Falcons for my final year in the NFL.”  After a successful thirteen-year career, Kelly retired in 2012.

His football career is impressive, but his compassion for people is even more extraordinary.  “I have a heart for people.  It’s just really that simple,” says Kelly.  “I have a heart to see people succeed.”  With a surprising push from his teammates, Kelly began hosting free football camps in Aberdeen around 2008.  “I was playing for the Bengals and came back home to reward the Aberdeen kids who exemplified academic excellence.  I invited NFL stars from around the country to help me out as well.  We had a blast!” 

When the camps came to a close, Kelly’s teammates and volunteers feasted on delicious southern meals, prepared by Kelly’s family.  “They raved about it!” says Kelly.  “My teammates weren’t accustomed to good southern food that touches your soul.  They were adamant about us putting our family recipes on the market.  But I only knew athletics; I didn’t have a degree in the food industry.  We decided to take a leap of faith into uncharted waters.  I gathered my family secrets, pitched my idea to Wal-Mart, and the rest is history.”

KYVAN Foods, a Soul Food Line, was born.  “KYVAN is a combination of my kids’ names, Kyla and Kavan.  My wife and I combined the two names to leave a lasting legacy for our kids.”  Kyla is eleven-years-old and Kavan is nine, and Kelly is already teaching them the family business.  “I enjoy taking them with me to appearances so they can understand customer service, learn how to conduct a meeting, how to be loyal and do things with integrity.” 

KYVAN Foods hit the market in 2011, and is sold in stores across around the country.  Their tasty Honey Apple Salsa and Sweet Barbecue Sauce are big sellers across the southeast.  Kelly smiles, “Our Honey Apple salsa is made with premium honey and delicious apples, then perfectly paired with cilantro and peppers.  It is ‘Salsa with a Soul.’  All of these are family recipes – passed down from generation to generation.”

When he is not busy promoting KYVAN Foods, Kelly can be found volunteering and positively changing lives.  He coaches youth basketball and flag football leagues, and the impression he leaves on others is astounding.  Just last week, a former teammate (who was drafted by the Bengals to take Kelly’s position) sent him a memorable message.  It read, “I love you big brother.  I appreciate you teaching me how to be a man on and off the field.”  Kelly says, “I was truly blown away by that message.  Even though he was drafted to replace me, I was never upset or angry.  It was a grand opportunity for me to teach and help him grow.  My career has never been about money or being in the spotlight, but it’s about affecting lives.  His message truly blessed my heart.  That is the reason I do what I do.”

Kelly and his family are settled in Atalanta, but travel back home to Mississippi at least twice a month.  “Any time the kids get a break, we go home to Aberdeen.  It is very important for our kids to know their heritage.  We want them to know where their family was born and raised, and details about the great state of Mississippi.  And…hopefully I might get them to attend the great Mississippi State University one day!”

Kelly's fans, followers and foodies can follow him on Twitter at ReggieKelly82!  Click here to visit Kelly's personal website or you can browse the KYVAN Foods website here! Click here to like his Facebook page!
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The 51st annual Dixie National Rodeo is coming to a close, and it has been an incredible weeklong celebration in downtown Jackson.  The Miss Dixie National Pageant was recently held in the capital city, and new rodeo queens were crowned for the year!  As the spokesperson for the Dixie National Rodeo, Miss Dixie National takes on the role of educator, ambassador, role model, and the voice of enthusiasm and expertise for Mississippi’s largest professional rodeo.

We had the privilege of joining Mary Ashley Rohsrcheib, Miss Dixie National, and Makenzie Richardson, Miss Junior Dixie National, at this year’s Dixie National Rodeo!  Not only are they representing the Rodeo, they are also inspiring role models for young girls across the state. 

Mary Ashley says, “You need to be a good example in all aspects of your life for the young ladies and children who are looking up to you.” She and Makenzie will be visiting nursing homes, hospitals and schools this year, spending time with Mississippians and spreading their infectious love for the sport of rodeo. Adam + Adam Photography beautifully photographed them during the Dixie National, and we had the pleasure of sitting down with the newly crowned queens!

Mary Ashley, Miss Dixie National, was born in Cullman, Alabama.  She says, “My parents had me on horses as soon as I could sit up on my own!  My mom would put me on her good horse by myself and have me follow her on the Bankhead Forest trails when I was just two-years-old.  I can’t even imagine not riding or owning a horse!”  We asked Ashley more about herself and her new title:

~ How did you prepare for the Miss Dixie National pageant?
“There is a lot of work preparing for a rodeo pageant!  I study, study, study! You will be asked about their rodeo, stock contractors, sponsors, rules of the rodeo events themselves, current events, etc. If you are going to be the ambassador and represent their rodeo, then you need to know the inner and outer workings of what goes on during the event. I also spend countless hours practicing my horsemanship patterns, getting my horse to smoothly change leads and be consistent.”

~ Your new title seems like a wonderful opportunity to be a role model for young women throughout the South.  How do you plan to promote the rodeo and educate young women about the sport? 
“It is a great opportunity! As far as being a role model, that is more than just having pretty hair and fancy clothes. It is a standard. You need to be a good example in all aspects of your life for the young ladies and children that are looking up to you. Social media posts, how you handle stress, the crowd you hang around and just your overall demeanor are all very important.  I feel it is important to keep a check on those things in your private life, just as much as you do in your public life.  

As far as promoting the rodeo and educating young women about the sport, I will be visiting many schools, doing public presentations, meet and greets, radio interviews and hospital visits to really share with folks what this great sport is all about.”

~ What are your other interests/hobbies?  Is there anything else you would like to add?
“I am actually hoping to go skydiving for the first time sometime this year. I am also pretty active as an assistant instructor teaching the Equalizer Women’s Self Defense Program with my mom. She is a police officer and we go into the public schools in our county, teaching girls how to defend themselves and protect their personal space.  I believe every woman and child should understand they have a right to protect themselves.”

Makenzie, Junior Miss Dixie National, is a junior at Brookhaven Academy.  She smiles, “God blessed me to be born into a family of competitive horsemen.  My dad and my brother are accomplished team ropers, and my mom is a barrel racer.  Horses have always been my passion and I love to compete.  I rode in my first rodeo at age two!”

How did you prepare for the Pageant?
“I prepared by riding my horse everyday, studying notes (including rodeo facts and rules, horse anatomy and health, and current events) and getting together outfits to wear.  When people hear the word pageant they think of a stage, but a rodeo pageant is SO much more to prepare for!”

What is like being a role model for young women across the state?
“I am so proud to be able to represent my Magnolia State!  It is such an honor to me to have been crowned Jr. Miss Dixie National. It is my job as queen to be a role model to all fans, young and old.  Rodeo queens are the ‘face of the rodeo.’  Part of our duty is to fill the seats and in the process make those people forever fans. I'm looking forward to visit schools, hospitals, and retirement homes in order to share my love for the sport of rodeo.”     

Congratulations, Mary Ashley and Makenzie, and thank you for so warmly welcoming us to the Dixie National Rodeo!  We look forward to seeing you spread your joy and love for the sport of rodeo throughout the state of Mississippi this year!

Thank you, Adam + Alli Photography, for the wonderful photographs! Click here to view more of their amazing work!
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Vow Renewal:  Hope in the Midst of Pain

It was a perfect morning. Paula Stodghill and her two daughters, Racheal and Hope, piled into bed and devoured a plate of homemade waffles, drizzled in chocolate.  Paula’s husband, Flint, then presented each of his three girls a box of gourmet chocolates.  “My flavor was wedding cake chocolate,” reflects Paula.  “Flint had placed my engagement ring inside, and it was sparkling in the center chocolate. It was so thoughtful, but I didn’t think much of it because it was Valentine’s Day.”

Flint, stricken with cancer, was no longer able to speak to his beloved wife of twenty years.  Instead, he sweetly held up a piece of paper that said, “Paula, will you marry me?” He carefully unfolded the paper and revealed another note.  “Today at Calgary Baptist Church.  1:00pm.”

Shocked, Paula shouted, “Yes!”  Hope laughs, “Dad was SO excited about his surprise and mom was hysterical.  She was so excited and her reactions were too funny and sweet.”

Paula says with awe, “He was just trying to make us a lot of wonderful memories.  He made every minute count.”  Two decades earlier, Paula eyed a handsome college boy teaching a soccer clinic. “I remember thinking how cute he was and how sweet he was with the kids,” says Paula.  The two connected on the evening of his 21st birthday and sparks flew. Within six months, they were husband and wife.  Paula laughs, “It was quite an adventure and our lives continued to be an adventure.”

In September 2013, Flint was diagnosed with oral cancer.  Paula reflects, “We didn’t think it was a big deal, because we believed it was curable.  The cancer was surgically removed from his tongue and jaw, but a month later, it returned with a vengeance.  Doctors at The University of Mississippi Medical Center offered an extreme surgery to remove his tongue, voice box and jawbone.   “He prayed about it and said, ‘Let’s go for it,’” says Paula.  “They only gave him a 20% chance of remission with the surgery, but he wanted to fight and do something drastic for his girls.”

Hope reflects, “I remember just how much he loved us.  The way he would express his love was so forward and apparent.  He would trap me in a big, long hug and say, ‘I love my girls.’  He was so comforting and so caring and he sought to raise us serving the Lord in love and faith.”

Despite Flint’s aggressive surgery, the cancer returned.  “I had always wanted to do a vow renewal, but he has never really been big on it.  He actually fought me on it,” laughs Paula.   “But he did it for me, which was amazing.  He wanted to surprise me, which was really sweet.  I walked into the church, Molly Gee did my makeup, my daughters put me in a dress, and it was go time!”  Racheal says, “Hope and I got to stand with them and I am sure there was not a dry eye in the crowd that day. It was beautiful to see them up there, standing in the middle of their ‘for worse’ moment, giving it to God and allowing Him to shine through the darkness.”

Flint passed away shortly after their tender vow renewal. “He had a great, simple view of the world that was inspiring to me.  My dad was my best friend,” says Racheal.  “It’s hard to talk about him without a stream of tears running down my face, because of the special bond we had.” 

Hope adds, “Dad was just so strong and faithful throughout his struggles and trials with cancer.  It was hard, but he made everyday worthwhile and taught me so much about what it means to have joy in the midst of trial.  He presented a true picture of perseverance and love in everything he went through.  His journey and his death were, and still are, instrumental in strengthening me and making me who I am and who I will be.”

At the end of his remarkable life, Paula says, “Racheal and I had several dreams that Flint could talk and eat, and was back to normal.”  She adds beautifully, “But thankfully he is back to normal now because he is in Heaven with Jesus.”

A special thank you to the incredible vendors involved:
Ceremony and Reception Venue:  Calvary Baptist Church
Florals: Fresh Cut Catering & Floral
Photography: Mary Moment Photography
Hair & Makeup:  Molly Gee Designs
Videography:  Revival House
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Sue Bankston met her future husband, John, on a double date over sixty years ago.  The only problem was, he was on the date with her dear friend, and she was with another young man!  “We went to a movie and at intermission, I asked my girlfriend to swap dates with me!” Sue laughs.  “I just liked the looks of John and preferred that he was my date.”

John was equally smitten, and the two quickly fell in love.  After three years of dating, Sue and John were married.  Sue says, “We got married when I was eighteen and he was nineteen.  In August of this year, we will celebrate sixty years of marriage!”  Sue and John had three beautiful daughters, Brenda, Debbie and Laurie.  Sue says, “Sadly, we lost our sweet Debbie to multiple myeloma in 2013.”  They are overjoyed to have four precious grandchildren and two beautiful great-grandchildren.  

We asked Sue to share her secrets to a loving and lasting marriage. “John and I both grew up in Christian homes, and I believe in putting God first and trying to live by the Ten Commandments,” she says.  “Personally, I think you have to think about the other person instead of doing everything for yourself.  Today, I feel like so many people think about themselves and not their spouse.  It is important to be a selfless person - to care for each other and all of the people you come in contact with.”
Thank you to our talented vendors for creating a memorable evening for this lovely couple:

Christina Foto – Thank you for so beautifully capturing Sue and John!  You can view more of this talented photographer’s work on her website here!

Fresh Cut Catering & Floral – The talented staff at Fresh Cut Catering & Floral created Sue’s dazzling floral arrangement.  Click here to see more of their extraordinary floral and catering creations!

Way Back in TimeThe premier provider of vintage and classic antique cars in Mississippi!  View their website here, and book one of their handsome cars for your wedding or event!

Amerigo:  An Italian Restaurant – One of Jackson’s most beloved restaurants provided the perfect space for Sue and John's Valentine’s Day date.  Amerigo is not only located in Jackson, but we are thrilled to announce they have recently opened a beautiful Flowood restaurant as well!  Click here to visit the Amerigo website. 
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An incredibly cool hotel, nestled on The Square in Oxford, has become the spot in the charming college town.  Graduate Oxford's cozy restaurant, Cabin 82, warmly filled with reclaimed barn wood and comfy furnishings, serves one of the tastiest brunches in town.  Their rooftop terrace, The Coop, is also the perfect spot for a drink.  This Valentine’s Day, grab your best friends and head to Graduate Oxford for a mimosa, a flavorful meal and a laid-back double date!  

On the way to Graduate Oxford, the guys stopped by Oxford Floral and picked out gorgeous flowers for their wives.  Whether your holiday wish list includes a lovely floral arrangement or beautiful accessories, the gracious staff at Oxford Floral will fulfill all of your Valentine’s Day needs!
A special thank you to the incredible vendors who made this fantastic photoshoot possible:

B. Flint Photography – Brian Flint is an incredibly talented photographer, and we were absolutely thrilled to have him shoot this casual double date!  For more information on B. Flint Photography, visit his gorgeous website here.

Graduate Oxford – Thank you for providing the warm and inviting atmosphere and the delicious drinks for our photoshoot!  Visit Graduate Oxford’s website here, and plan your next stay on The Square!

Oxford Floral – This family-owned and operated store in the heart of Oxford is known for their impeccable floral arrangements, lovely gifts and bridal registries.  Visit their beautiful website here
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SummerHouse, our favorite design firm and furniture boutique in Ridgeland, is hosting an incredible event THIS Thursday, February 11th, from 5:00pm until 8:00pm, benefiting Stewpot Community Services!  This fantastic evening is part of a national campaign called Lee Loves Local, hosted by Lee Industries furniture company and Restyle Source design website, celebrating locally owned design-based businesses!

Laurel Donahoo of SummerHouse says, “Each business participating in the Lee Loves Local campaign hosts an event benefiting a local charity during the month of February.  SummerHouse’s event is called For The Love of Art!”  

Two regional artists will be present at SummerHouse, showcasing exclusive pieces made specifically for the event! Painter Lauren Barksdale Hill, a Baton Rouge native, will be selling gorgeous acrylic on canvas pieces, and one lucky guest will win a gorgeous work of art in a raffle! New Orleans lamp and bowl designer, Michael J. Clement, will have exclusive “Lindsey” bowls for sale, made just for Thursday evening’s soiree!  

While viewing the lovely art, guests will nibble on light bites and enjoy refreshments and live music! Each attendee is encouraged to make a $10 donation to Stewpot or give a bag of non-perishable food items for Stewpot’s food pantry at the door to gain entry. SummerHouse will have bags available prior to February 11th, should attendees want to stop by, pick up a bag to fill and bring back during the event!

SummerHouse owner and lead designer, Lisa Palmer, says, “We love the Lee Loves Local campaign because it helps put small businesses like SummerHouse in the forefront and it highlights one of the best things that local businesses do for our communities: give back! We are thrilled to have two of our favorite artists and makers join us for the evening with exclusive designs. And as always, we love to have an opportunity to help support Stewpot Community Services! What they do in our city is so important so we want to help support them in any way that we can!”

Stewpot Community Services was founded in 1981 to assist Jackson’s poor and homeless population. With multiple shelters and programs, Stewpot continues to help the underprivileged gain the skills and experience necessary to live successfully on their own.

Traditional Home Magazine’s Rising Stars of Design:

Beloved shelter publication, Traditional Home, is searching for the next interior design star, and Lisa Palmer, SummerHouse founder and principal designer, has been nominated!  Lisa smiles, “ A friend and my Public Relations agent from Atlanta nominated me. She has a very popular blog called ‘The Peak of Chic’ and is privy to the whole interior design industry, its social world and all of it’s publicity worthy news.  I wasn’t familiar with the contest, although I read Traditional Home and truly love the magazine. In fact, I’m not really sure how it got past me! But she thought it would be a great thing for me. I am not one to put myself out there, so to speak. I haven’t worked very hard to get my work published either. I love managing my staff and buying for SummerHouse; I also love my design clients and working for them!  I am truly passionate about the world of design. I simply couldn’t live without it.” 

To vote for Lisa, please click here!  Her talent and love of design is astounding.  She would truly be the perfect winner of this contest! 

Best of luck, Lisa!  We will all be voting for you! For more information on SummerHouse, please visit their beautiful website here.  We hope to see everyone at the For The Love of Art Event this Thursday!

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