Memorial Day is a day of reflection, remembrance and respect.  A day to honor fallen heroes who served so selflessly for our country.  

Amazingly, one of the first Memorial Day holidays (originally known as Decoration Day) was held in Columbus, Mississippi, on April 25, 1866.  The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs says that a group of four women, dubbed the "Decoration Day Ladies," visited a cemetery to decorate the graves of Confederate soldiers, fallen in the Battle of Shiloh during the Civil War.  The women glanced over and noticed the bare graves of fallen Union soldiers.  Together, they marched over to the neglected graves and adorned them with beautiful flowers as well.  

The women's kind gesture inspired a poem, written by Francis Miles Finch.  Today, we are honored to share it with you.

The Blue and the Gray

By the flow of an inland river,
When the fleets of iron have fled
Where the blades of the grave grass quiver,
Asleep are the ranks of the dead.

Under the sod and the dew
Waiting the judgment day
Under the one the Blue,
Under the other the Gray.

From the silence of sorrowful hearts
The desolate mourners go,
Lovingly laden with flowers
Alike, for the friend and the foe.

Under the sod and the dew,
Waiting the judgment day;
Under the roses, the Blue,
Under the lilies, the Gray.

Sadly, but not with upbraiding,
The generous deed was done.
In the storms of the years that are fading,
No braver battle was won.

Under the sod and the dew,
Waiting the judgment day;
Under the blossoms, the Blue,
Under the garlands, the Gray.

No more shall the war cry sever
Or the winding rivers be red;
They banish our anger forever
When they laurel the graves of our dead.

Under the sod and the dew,
Waiting for Judgment day
Love and tears for the Blue,
Tears and love for the Gray.

We are so thankful for all of the brave men and women who have bravely fought for our freedom.  We hope you all have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day with friends and family! 
{Blog by Mitchell Walters}
Broad Street Baking Company and Café is inspiring a new generation of cooks, bakers and chefs.  Jen Adelsheimer, Pastry Chef, has been warmly welcoming youth into Broad Street’s kitchen, giving them a taste of her craft.  Jen smiles, “To be able to show a child or an adult a world that they have never seen, to possibly open a door to their passion is such a blessing to me.  I love to inspire our youth.  They are little sponges ready to soak up anything one is willing to spend time and teach them.”

We recently had the pleasure of joining Jen while she mentored a young student at Broad Street!  Today, we are thrilled to share these photographs with you, and Jen shares more about her passion for baking and inspiring young children:

What inspired you to have children come and bake with you in the kitchen at Broad Street?
“Over the years at Broad Street Baking Company and Café, I have been fortunate enough to help provide summer baking camps through an organization called Operation Apron Strings and Mississippi ProStart Culinary Program. This is where I learned the importance of educating our next generation. Our youth is the KEY to our future. Without the next generation we will have no future.

Baking and cooking are art forms that I believe get looked over in the school systems and in our households. Today there are so many families who grab fast food or rely on the microwave out of convenience. Our kids have been taught to feed themselves simply by using a microwave. My goal by opening the bakery to tours is to give children, who have an interest or passion for baking, an open door. Even 15 minutes of invested time with a child can possibly give them an open door to their future.”

How is it rewarding for you?  And how is it rewarding for the kids?
“This is rewarding to our youth because it is an opportunity to open their minds and inspire them for their future. It’s not just about just showing them baking skills. It’s about showing them so much more. It’s a chance to show them work ethic and life skills to better their future. Plus we have a blast baking together!!”

Do you have an earliest memory baking in the kitchen?
“Growing up, I had wonderful parents who inspired me in many ways, but no bakers in the family. This is one reason I’m eager to share with our youth, and the fact that it is lost in our school systems.

My few memories of baking as a child were when my Aunt Diane would send me family recipes and I would make them. This was such a joy, but I never knew I would end up in the baking world.

It wasn’t until I worked for Norwegian Cruise Lines as a server at the age of 19 that I realized people baked for a living. Wow! I know that sounds silly but it proves the more you can introduce our youth to the easier they will find their passion. I don’t mean just the parents. I mean all adults. If you see a child who is interested, then share it with them. You never know how you could inspire that child!  One child at a time makes our future stronger!”

If anyone has a child who is interested in learning more about baking, are you still offering to mentor them?  If so, how should they contact you?
“I will always be willing to mentor! My email address is

I like to share both sides to becoming a baker. Whether going to college to learn the trade or learning the trade through experience. I graduated from Le Cordon Bleu with a baking degree. I also know many bakers and pastry chefs who were self taught and very successful. Everyone is different and it is important that the individual finds what best suits their needs.”

Jen adds, “Here at Broad St Bakery we are offering an intern program in the baking department. In the last couple of years we have worked with LeCordon Bleu Atlanta and The Women’s College in Columbus, Mississippi. We hope to continue to build this program. If you are interested in this opportunity you can contact me by email!  We do our best to work with the school by following graduation guidelines.”

Thank you so much, Jen, for sharing your passion for baking with youth around the state.  For more information on Broad Street Baking Company & Café, please visit their website here!

A special thank you to Caitlyn Sullivan for capturing these amazing photographs!  
{Blog by Mitchell Walters}
{Bride}  Dana Michelle Lancaster
{Groom} Michael Kenneth Wright
{Hometowns} Dana- Corinth, MS / Michael- Madison, MS
{Wedding Site} The South Warehouse (Jackson, MS)
{Reception Site} The South Warehouse (Jackson, MS)
{Bride’s bouquet} Wendy Putt from Fresh Cut Catering and Floral
Bouquets consisted of whites, ivory, peaches, succulents, silver brunia, lambs ear, Queen Anne’s lace, astilbe, and peach stock.

All bouquets were handmade by Wendy herself.

{Bridesmaid Bouquets} Wendy Putt from Fresh Cut Catering and Floral
Same design as bridal bouquet

{How did the two of you meet?} Michael and I met at Mississippi College where we had mutual friends. I moved to Mississippi State in Starkville, MS to complete my master’s degree while he stayed in Clinton, MS as an Admissions Counselor for Mississippi College while also completing his Master’s degree program. I moved back to the Clinton area in 2010 where we began spending time together amongst other friends. In 2013, he went on a whim and asked me on a date, to which I obviously said “yes.” Michael proposed on our 2 year anniversary.

{What is your proposal story?}
We always take a “friendcation” every Labor Day weekend to Gulf Shores, AL, so going to the beach with all of our closest friends was no surprise. My best friend from California also “happened” to be at the beach and was there for the proposal, which made the special moment even sweeter. He took me on a walk down the shore and then led me to a mat on the beach, surrounded by candles. He shared his heart for me and the promise he had seen in scripture from Proverbs 18:22, “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD.” He then opened his infamous water bottle that he carries everywhere and out comes the most beautiful oval diamond I had ever seen. He then dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course… I said “yes.” Little did we know, hundreds of onlookers had gathered onto their balconies to witness the momentous occasion and erupted in cheers and applause. Our closest friends were all there and were able to celebrate the sweetest day by our sides. 

{What inspired your wedding and reception locations?}
The South Warehouse is owned and operated by Wendy Putt and is one of the most admired and coveted venues in the metro area to hold weddings and receptions. The exposed brick and industrial look gives it a unique warmth and romantic setting. We were able to hold both the ceremony and reception at the same venue, and since our wedding day turned out to be quite a rainy day, it couldn’t have been better.

{What inspired your color scheme/theme/flowers?}
I have always loved the chic colors of white, blush, and sage. I wanted to keep the feel romantic and soft, so pale pinks and ivory garden roses were the way to my heart. The lighting of both ceremony and reception also consisted of soft wash lighting and candle lit tables, not to mention the beautiful suspended candle grid that hung above the dance floor.

{How did you pick “the dress?”}
I chose a dress from Imaginations in Brookhaven, MS. The dress I ended up with was actually my second choice. I had previously purchased a dress but after several sleepless nights I knew it just wasn’t the one. I returned to Imaginations where we tried on several dresses and finally found the perfect fit of modest and romantic. The French lace, boat-neck, fit and flare was everything I wanted.

{What’s your favorite unique accessory? Is there a story behind it?}
My favorite accessory, although maybe not unique but dear to my heart, were the handkerchiefs overlaying my bouquet stem. I had handkerchiefs from my great-grandmother and grandmother, attached to my bouquet. So although they were not with me that day, they were near to my heart.

{What was your favorite part of the wedding planning process?}

My favorite part of the planning process was figuring out ways to incorporate the people we love most. From attendants, scripture readers, and officiants to the proxy bride, photographer, and pianist, we were able to find a spot for everyone who has shared a part in our lives individually and as a couple. I couldn’t think of a better way than to celebrate the best day of our lives than around those who have helped shape us into who we are today.

{Besides the actual wedding, what was your favorite moment of the wedding day?}
I remember the feeling of the purest form of joy and peace I had ever known. My favorite moment was sitting in the bridal room with my bridesmaids and hearing the voices of my friends from home mingled with the voices of my friends from college and adulthood. They reminded me of the Lord’s faithfulness through every season to bring me to the day I would marry my best friend.

{What was your favorite surprise detail/moment about your wedding day?}
I, the bride, pretty much knew everything going down, so I asked Michael. I’ll quote him:

“The first look. No doubt. Seeing you in that wedding dress was nothing short of unbelievable. Favorite moment was you walking down the aisle to ‘Even So Come’ (written by Kristian Stanfill and sang by Jason Elam) when the chorus hit with full volume. I’ll never forget it and I’m getting chills right now thinking about it.” – Michael Wright

Sweet man.

{Your favorite picture from the big day?}
My favorite picture is one Robby Followell (Followell Fotography) made of Michael and I under an umbrella. As I previously mentioned.. it POURED rain our wedding day. We later received a gift from friends who had captured the rain from our wedding day and encouraged us to remember that even during the stormiest of times the Lord will see us through and remain faithful. Seeing this picture reminds me the upcoming years of marriage may not always be perfect, but they will always be covered by Him.

Link to our photo gallery:

(Simply put in your email address to view photos. We have rights to them so if there are any you would like to post just let us know.)

Photographer: Followell Fotography
Event Planner: Fresh Cut Catering and Floral

Dress: Imaginations 
Bride’s Jewelry: n/a

Hair: Kristina Myers/MOD by Kristina

Make-up: Kristina Myers/ MOD by Kristina Insta @modbykristina
Bridesmaid Dresses: Bari Jay
Videographer: Emily Moore/ Moore Media Group
Venue: The South Warehouse

Lighting: Davaine Lighting
Music: Mitchell McGinnis/McGinnis Booking
Florist: Fresh Cut Catering & Floral
Band: DJ Old School/ Jackson, MS

Bride’s Cake:  Cakes by Iris
Groom’s Treat: Deep South Pops
Print Material: Derek Walker
{Blog by Mitchell Walters}
“The crazy thing about Mississippi is that everyone is insanely talented.”  Casey Combest of Blue Sky Studios
Blue Sky Studios is changing the face (and sound) of Mississippi’s music industry.  Based in Jackson, the recording studio was founded by talented musician, Casey Combest.  He says, “I wanted Blue Sky Studios to make an excellent product, but do it in a way that was straightforward and full of integrity on the business side.”

Casey’s interest in music was sparked at a young age.  He smiles, “As a child in Vancleave, Mississippi, I vividly remember my dad playing guitar to Aint Nothing But A Hound Dog. At eight-years-old, that was my jam.” He dabbled a little with guitar in middle school, and gained the confidence to play for others in the 9th grade. Suddenly, things began to change.  His hobby turned into a passion and eventually led to the beginning of Blue Sky Studios.  Today, we are thrilled to share more about this incredible recording studio with you!

What inspired you to start Blue Sky Studios?

“Throughout high school and college I wrote a lot of original music and wanted to record it. Over the course of five years, I worked with four or five different studios. I vividly remember one experience at a studio. After weeks of work and a lot of money, I sat behind the mixing console and the speakers (typical studio picture you see) and I thought, “This is Amazing! I’m about to get signed by Sony!”  I took a disc out to my car.  After putting in the disc and turning my radio up, I was completely deflated. It didn’t sound that great after all, and Sony wasn’t calling. On the other side of that, I’ve had friends go to Nashville, New York or LA and spend 10k+ on a project that is excellent, but lacked integrity because there were so many unfulfilled promises. I wanted Blue Sky Studios to make an excellent product, but do it in a way that was straightforward and full of integrity on the business side.” 

What is a typical day like at Blue Sky Studios?

“I usually start working on the business from 7:30am-10am each day. I really want the experience of someone recording at Blue Sky to be crazy awesome, so I work on that, our content creation, and ways to provide resources for our customers to grow their skills and move their careers forward. 

Monday through Wednesday, I have meetings from 10am-1pm, and usually spend the afternoon on a recording session or mixing current projects. 

Monday through Wednesday from 1pm-6:30pm and all day Thursday through Saturday are usually recording sessions. We really spend a lot of time helping people craft something that’s unique to them, but also familiar to the marketplace. That takes time. 

Last year we started a podcasting service for businesses. We currently work with C Spire, Morgan White Group, Do Good Mississippi, and are launching several more this month. Justin Patterson is one our engineers and he’s usually doing that during the week and editing on those and he takes recording sessions too.  We also have an editor named Bobby Hansford who comes in a few hours a week to help add an extra layer of polish to the tracks. Bobby and Justin are amazingly gifted!”

Who comes to record at Blue Sky?  Do you have people who have always wanted to record something they wrote, or do you have people hoping to get their music out to the masses?  Or a mix?

“Great Question! It’s definitely a mix. I would say 80% of the projects we do are either full-time or part-time (moving forward full-time) musicians. The other 20% are folks doing projects for fun, for a family member, or as a hobby. The crazy thing about Mississippi is that everyone is insanely talented. I’ve had people come in before who are just doing a project for fun. They have a full-time job they love, and just want to do something special to give to their kids one day. Then they stand behind they microphone and blow you away!   They could literally do this for a living! This is a talented state!”

Tell me about your job as a music producer!  How do you help artists take ideas and turn them into songs?

“Having been on the other side of this, there’s nothing more frustrating than having a vision, but not having someone to help walk you through how to make it a reality. I’ve been there and know that feeling. We want to show people the path to making something that they’ve dreamed about. Additionally, we try to educate artists on how to make it in this crazy crowded industry. As entertaining as American Idol or the Voice may be, that’s not real life. Being a professional musician is hard and it requires years of grueling work. We want to help encourage and provide resources for artist to build long-term success - not viral candy that fades.”

I read on your blog that you believe in the journey of reaching goals.  Tell me why enjoying the journey is so important for musicians/artists

 “Absolutely! I’ve only been writing down goals for about five years. What I’ve found when I reach a goal is that it’s sort of anticlimactic. As I’ve learned more about myself and what drives me I’ve started making goals that will be fun to reach. Goals that have a fun journey in reaching them. For musicians, if their goal is to play a 50,000 person arena, that’s cool. And don’t get me wrong, reaching that goal would be crazy fun, but its playing that awful gig where your mom and two cousins were the only people who showed up that’s the journey. You can’t appreciate the arena without the coffee shop. When we enjoy the journey it makes us grateful for every moment and every struggle.”

Thank you so much, Casey!  If you are interested in making your musical dreams a reality, call or email Casey!  You can reach Blue Sky Studios at or 601.460.0448.  For more information on Blue Sky Studios, please visit their website here!
A special thank you to Caitlyn Sullivan Photography for capturing these amazing photographs of the studio!

{Blog by Mitchell Walters}
We already know that Mississippi police officers are heroes.  They work tirelessly to save lives and keep peace throughout the state.  But Mississippi law enforcement officers are also selfless, giving men and women.  They have raised a whopping $47,000 this year for Special Olympics Mississippi through car washes, t-shirt sales, softball and basketball tournaments – all in their off-duty time. 

“Law enforcement officers are the ‘Guardians of the Flame of Hope’ for Special Olympics athletes in more than 100 countries around the world,” said Tony Bahou, president and CEO of Special Olympics Mississippi. “Their efforts help us provide life-changing experiences and competitions for more than 4,000 athletes in Mississippi year round.”

This week, May 16-20, law enforcement officers across the state will celebrate their fundraising efforts for Special Olympics Mississippi with the 2016 Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics!  The Run ends at Keesler Air Force Base on May 20, where the flames will unite to light the cauldron at the start of the 2016 Summer Games.  We encourage everyone to cheer on our law enforcement officers as they run throughout the state this week!  For a full schedule of participating communities, times and location, please visit

Special Olympics Mississippi serves more than 4,000 incredible athletes across the state. The Mississippi Charter of Special Olympics provides sports training and athletic competition for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.  Special Olympics gives these individuals extraordinary opportunities to develop physical fitness, gain courage and confidence, experience joy and share their gifts and love with others. For more information on this incredible organization, please visit

Photograph courtesy of Special Olympics Mississippi
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When Lisa Palmer, owner and principal designer of SummerHouse, stepped into her clients’ home, she was captivated with the architecture of the space.  “The large room has a tall ceiling with beautiful dark beams.  The ceiling slopes down, creating this asymmetrical line that is unusual, but really lovely,” says Lisa.  “The ceiling and walls are stucco and the floors are bricked, which adds texture to the incredible architecture.”  Lisa created a warm and cozy space for the family and their beloved dog.  “I knew my fabrics and materials had to be durable,” says Lisa.  “The palette of stone, charcoal, chalk and brown works beautifully with the beams and walls, and the commissioned painting pulls it together perfectly.”

We absolutely love this breathtaking space.  For more information on SummerHouse, please visit their website here.  Also, a special thank you to Adam + Alli Photography for the gorgeous photographs!
{Blog by Mitchell Walters}

Pepsi Pops {Event}


“It is as pretty a setting as you could find for such a concert.  With the Reservoir shimmering behind the symphony, the moon glowing overhead, and boats floating on the water, evenings at Pepsi Pops are truly picturesque,” says Michael Beattie, President and Executive Director of the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra.   

Today marks the thirty-fifth anniversary of this enchanting event.  Each year, fireworks explode across the sky while star-spangled music dances through the air over the Ross Barnett Reservoir.

Michael says, “The event was actually started by the Jackson Symphony League, a support group of the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra, about 37 or 38 years ago.  After a few successful years, they sought to expand the event and approached Brown Bottling Group to form a partnership.”  Brown Bottling Group has been generously sponsoring and promoting Pepsi Pops ever since!

“As title sponsor of Pepsi Pops, we provide the community with a family-friendly event under the stars where adults and children alike can be exposed to the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra in a nontraditional setting at Old Trace Park on the Reservoir,” says Shelley Brown Floyd, Chief Marketing Officer at Brown Bottling Group.  “It truly a night of fun for all as you leave work, pick up the kids and come straight to the reservoir.”

Imagine enjoying a live performance TONIGHT with your friends and family.  There is nothing better than an evening at Pepsi Pops.  All proceeds from this spectacular event will benefit the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra, helping with operating costs and educational programs for children across the state. 

Congratulations to the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra and Brown Bottling Group on 35 wonderful years of Pepsi Pops!

For more information on Brown Bottling Group, please click here!  To learn more about the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra, visit their website here!  We hope to see all of you tonight at Pepsi Pops!

A special thank you to Adam + Alli Photography for the beautiful photographs!
{Blog by Mitchell Walters}
{Bride}  Emily Alexander
{Groom} Tyler Moore
{Hometowns} Emily: Picayune, MS; Tyler: Byram, MS
{Wedding Site} Fondren Church, Jackson, MS
{Reception Site} The South Warehouse, Jackson, MS

{How did the two of you meet?}
I was in Jackson for the weekend and stopped by to say “hi” to an old friend. Tyler had just moved in with that friend. We talked all night, and a week later, Tyler drove to the coast (where I was living at the time) to take me on our first date. We got lost, he spilled coffee on himself and it was perfectly imperfect.

{What is your proposal story?}
Tyler set up the most whimsical, extravagant scavenger hunt for me to go on the day before my birthday. It was storming that day... like really storming, but he went ahead with his plans anyway. I had to follow clues through the entire city to find 25 gifts (since I was turning 25 years old). Friends and family greeted me at each location with the gifts and next clue. One of my best friends even Facetimed me from Orlando to read a clue. Locations included the spot where we had our first kiss, the place in the park where we hung our hammocks, our favorite coffee shop, etc. The scavenger hunt ended at the church we attended. Tyler was waiting on the front steps under his umbrella. When I saw him, I knew this was more than a birthday surprise. I walked through the rain to get to him. Tyler asked if I wanted my final present, and I said “yes.” He went on to say a lot of really sweet things, which made me cry. Then he dropped his umbrella, got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I, of course, said “yes.” (Read the full story here: Katelyn Williams Photography took those pictures as well

{What inspired your wedding and reception locations?}
We’ve gone to Fondren Church together ever since we started dating. We consider it our home church and the people like family. It’s an old, absolutely gorgeous church right in the heart of Jackson. After Tyler proposed on the steps of the church, it only made sense to start our marriage there.

We chose to have our reception at The South Warehouse. We fell in love with the old, rustic building the first time we saw it and knew it would be just perfect for our reception.

{What inspired your color scheme/theme/flowers?}
We went with an earthy, rustic look for the wedding because we felt it fit our personalities best. We didn’t want anything too shiny or fancy. We loved the idea of just keeping everything kind of natural. The bridesmaid’s dresses were mint and the guys wore light tan suits with mint skinny ties to match. The floral arrangements mostly consisted of greenery with pops of peach and white.

{How did you pick “the dress?”}
To be honest, I didn’t really love the whole dress shopping experience. I have never been a huge fan of trying on dresses (I never like how I look in them), and it just seemed like there was a lot of pressure to find the “perfect dress” for my wedding day. I did like the dress, but tried not to make it more than it was – a very, very small part of what would be the best day of my life.

{What’s your favorite unique accessory? Is there a story behind it?}
Rain has always been special to us (example: our proposal story). We incorporated rain and umbrellas throughout the ceremony/reception. We had the proposal picture near the guest book, with the blue umbrella Tyler proposed under right there beside it. We also had a little umbrella printed on our programs. And coincidentally enough, it rained on the evening of our wedding.

Another favorite detail of mine was our guest book. It was a copy of Dr. Seuss’ “Oh, the places you’ll go!” I collect old children’s books and have actually written a few just for fun. Our first Christmas together, Tyler built me a bookshelf to hold all of my children’s books. We painted it together and it now resides in our living room.

{What was your favorite part of the wedding planning process?}
I really loved all of it: looking at venues, finding ways to incorporate things that were special to us, talking about the future with Tyler. I’m not going to lie, it was a little overwhelming at times, but I just kept reminding myself that no matter what happened, at the end of the day on August 22nd, I would be married to my best friend.

{Besides the actual wedding, what was your favorite moment of the wedding day?}
All day I kept telling myself (and everyone who asked) that it didn’t feel real. I didn’t feel like it was MY wedding day. Then it happened.

I was a nervous wreck before walking down the aisle. I just knew I was going to faint during the ceremony. The bridal party and I made our way to the foyer. One by one, my bridesmaids walked through the church doors and down the aisle. Then my little adopted sisters and brother (junior bridesmaid, flower girl and ring bearer) made their grand entrances (and totally stole the show if I do say so myself). The only two people left in the foyer were my daddy and me. We didn’t say much in those few moments of solitude. He asked if I was nervous and I nodded my head. He said he was too. I laughed. Then I heard the key change in the music from inside the church. That was our cue. Daddy looked at me with the gentlest expression I’ve ever seen and said, “You ready?” Before I could answer, the doors swung open, and all I could see were rows and rows of people from different stages of my life: childhood neighbors, college friends, family from across the country, the ladies who used to keep me in the nursery. And there, at the front of the church, was my groom. All of my nerves went away. It was the strangest and most humbling feeling and one that I will never forget. As Daddy and I began to make our way down the aisle, I leaned in and whispered to him, “It feels real now.”

{What was your favorite surprise detail/moment about your wedding day?}
Tyler and I choreographed a surprise routine for our first dance together. We cleared the furniture out of his living room and rehearsed for weeks. When the band called us to the dance floor and began to play “I Wanna Dance with Somebody,” we started slow dancing. Two lines into the song, we began our routine. Cheers erupted as the beat picked up and so did our moves. Everyone was surprised, especially our parents. It was so much fun, and everyone joined us on the dance floor at the end of the song.

{Your favorite picture from the big day?}
Oh my gosh, I don’t think I can pick one. There were so many unforgettable moments, and so many pictures that captured the feel of the day. Basically any pictures from the dance floor were hilarious. We had a blast.

At one point all three of our grandmothers (my mom’s mom, dad’s mom and Tyler’s mom’s mom) got out on the dance floor with us. EVERYONE crowded around them and cheered them on as they danced for the first time in years. It was so special.

Another special moment was when Katelyn took us outside during the reception to take a few pictures before the sun went down. This was just after the storm came through and the most BEAUTIFUL rainbow appeared in the sky. She snapped a few shots of us by it. It was perfectly fitting.

There’s also a really funny picture of both of our mothers getting down on the dance floor that I will forever laugh at anytime I see it.

{The picture that represents the two of you best?}
Again, so many to choose from. I really liked those we took outside during the reception. There’s one where the sun is setting behind us that I just LOVE. I’ll attach it to this email.

Photographer: Katelyn Williams Photography
Event Planner: None, but I did have a day-of coordinator
Emily Smithhart
Dress: The Bridal Path
Bride’s Jewelry: Etsy (earrings)
Hair: Lisa Kirkland McFadden, Kirkland Hair
Make-up: Sunni Russell
Bridesmaid Dresses: The Bridal Path
Tuxes: The Rogue
Videographer: Outland Videography
Venue: The South Warehouse
Lighting: The South Warehouse/Fresh Cut Catering and Floral
Rentals: Fresh Cut Catering and Floral
Florist: Fresh Cut Catering and Floral
Catering: Fresh Cut Catering and Floral
Bar: World of Wines
Band: Caleb Jett
Bride’s Cake: Gina Smith
Groom’s Cake: Gina Smith
Print Material: Laura Johns (design)
Arrow Printers (printing)
Car Service: Family friend
Today is National Women's Check-Up Day!  This holiday hopes to raise awareness about steps women can take to improve their health and live a long, happy life!  We reached out to The Woman's Clinic in Jackson to learn more about the importance of female check-ups. 
The Woman's Clinic is an incredible resource with caring doctors, nurses and nutritionists.  You can learn more about The Woman's Clinic on their website here
{Blog by Mitchell Walters}
Au Courant Haute Events and Florals is known for their breathtaking floral arrangements.  Each beautiful piece is created under the artistic direction of Matt Nicholas of Jackson’s M. Nicholas Collection and Meredith Young.  Au Courant is nestled in the heart of the thriving Fondren neighborhood in Jackson.  In an area filled with talented artists, Au Courant stands out with their ability to turn simple flowers into something truly magnificent.

Au Courant has started an incredible Mother's Day tradition with Anthropologie in Ridgeland.  On Wednesday evening, Meredith shared her passion for florals with an enthusiastic group of women.  With Meredith's creative guidance, each woman learned how to create a stunning bouquet - just in time for Mother's Day!

We are thrilled to share photographs from the event with you today, and hope you are inspired to design a glorious floral arrangement for the special women in your life!

Thank you, Meredith, for letting us photograph your wonderful event!  For more information on Au Courant, please visit their website here

A special thank you to Christina Foto for capturing this Mother's Day event!  You can view more of Christina's amazing photographs here.

The Inspiration Mississippi team warmly wishes all of you a spectacular Mother's Day weekend!
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