Guest Blogger: Nicole Cole
One year of marriage.  One WHOLE year of marriage.  When I really think about these first 365 days of marriage, I realize that it is just a blink compared to the lifetime of moments and days and memories we have left to share.  Babies will come, moves will happen, new jobs will begin, heartbreak will strike.  That’s the beauty of life, I think.  Knowing that there’s good and bad, but knowing that the Lord has given us the promise of His Spirit and His love.  Knowing that He’s blessed us with husbands, wives, friends, and family to walk through each and every season.  This newlywed season has been one of the very best seasons I’ve experienced in my short twenty-something years of life.  It’s special in so many unique ways that I never even thought about before now.      
There are little things that make my heart skip a beat and things that bug me that I didn’t even know would be an issue.  Just the other day a situation arose and my first instinct was to be frustrated or mad, but then the Lord screamed “GRACE!” into my heart.  Brides, being a wife is so much more than planning for a wedding day, wearing a white dress, and partying with your friends.  Marriage is dying to yourself on a daily basis and choosing to love, respect, and give grace to someone else.  Marriage is the earthly relationship that mirrors the relationship God has with His bride, the Church.  This is HUGE, friends.  
I spent so many early mornings and late nights praying over our marriage and digging into the Word and finding out what the Lord had to say about marriage.  I prayed fervently that Jesus would come and fill that barn with His presence.  I prayed, oh I prayed, that He would give me clarity and that I would be fully present in every single moment.  The Lord was faithful.  
Brides, I can only encourage you to PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for your marriage.  Pray that the Lord would show up on that sweet wedding day of yours.  Pray that He would protect your marriage.  I’m only a little ways in and I can already tell you that our marriages are something to protect.  Something we have to FIGHT for.  Fight for your man.  Love him with fierce passion and pray that the Lord would prepare you to be not only a bride, but a wife.  I will forever have a soft spot in my heart for March the 8th.  I will always love our engagement and the fun times that we had with the people who love and encourage us most.  This is such a time of preparation.  Use it not only to prepare for your wedding day, but use it to prepare for your marriage.    
I encourage you, commit to pray daily for your wedding day and for your marriage.  Start reading scripture about what marriage means and what it will look like for you as a wife.  I can tell you from experience, your wedding day will be SO full of joy when you’ve prepared your heart, mind, and spirit for it!
Brides, you have such a special season ahead.  Your wedding day will be a beautiful.  It will be one of the most incredible days of your life.  But, real, raw, tender moments in life shared with your husband are special in ways that are nearly impossible to describe.  Joy. So much joy.    
Guest Blogger: Mitchell Walters

A passion for classical music is brewing among students in Vicksburg.  Thanks to the devotion and drive of one extraordinary Mississippian, Ruthanne Schnell, violins are making a comeback.  Mrs. Schnell's fondness of classical music began at an early age.  With a particular interest in stringed instruments, she pursued her passion across the globe to Stuttgart, Germany. 
While studying music in Stuttgart, she had the rare opportunity to hear some of the most renowned musicians in the world. Though students were granted free tickets, they were hard to find.  Even after being warned that someone "would have to die" in order for her to obtain a coveted ticket to the Opera, she made her way into an unforgettable performance.  After she returned to the states, she began sharing her talent, playing in a number of different orchestras around Mississippi.
Mrs. Schnell also grew an interest in teaching children.  She noticed that local papers advertised pop rock, blues and jazz concerts, but rarely did she see classical music.  Mrs. Schnell began teaching strings in the Vicksburg Warren School District.  Interest in the violin, cello and viola immediately began growing.
Then came the shattering news.  The school district had accumulated a multi-million dollar debt, and Mrs. Schnell's program was abruptly dropped. 
Mrs. Schnell knew that many parents had purchased expensive instruments for their children. She says, "it seemed terrible that a child must put an instrument in a closet and forget about it!"   With an increasingly small group of people interested in classical music, she felt it was vital to allow her students to continue their musical education.
With her ever-determined spirit, Mrs. Schnell contacted the Southern Cultural Heritage Complex in Vicksburg.  They provided a perfect space, where she began offering violin, cello, and viola lessons to students - completely free of charge!
Every Monday and Friday, Mrs. Schnell drives 15 miles to the Center from her home in Edwards, where she offers group and private lessons.  One by one, she teaches young children to properly hold an instrument, glide the bow across the strings, and begin to play.  
She is currently sharing her love of music with twenty students, ranging in age from the third through the eleventh grade.  Not only are the children benefiting from her time, but she assures it brings her much delight. 
Mrs. Schnell notes that some of the greatest classical musicians from the 1920's became great because they practiced, practiced, practiced.  She laughs, "there was nothing else to do!"  Mrs. Schnell adds, "if the children want to play well, they have to give it some practice."
One woman, one instrument, and one child at a time.  We have no doubt this remarkable Mississippian is inspiring a new generation of great classical musicians.
All photos courtesy of Justin Sellers and The Vicksburg Post.  Photos taken at the  Southern Cultural Heritage Complex
For three year old Holly, there is nothing she loves more than horses, so a carousel birthday party at the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum was the perfect way to celebrate her big day.  
Mississippi Agriculture & Forestry Museum | Cake: Karissa Deckerd  |  Face Painting: Kelli Tisdale  | Photos courtesy of Mary Robertson and Angela McRae
Here at Inspiration MS, we wondered what it would be like to work with your spouse day in and day out, so why not go to the source? We sat down with Wendy and Bruce Putt of Fresh Cut Catering and Floral to find out what it would be like to run a true "family" business. 
The Fresh Cut story began twenty-four years ago when Wendy put her floral skills to the test and tried to make a lifelong business from her passion.  As her venture blossomed, she found the perfect partner in work and in love when she decided to partner with her husband, Bruce.  Wendy’s floral expertise and Bruce’s enjoyment in the kitchen meshed perfectly to form a balanced and solid business.  Bruce made it his goal to keep Wendy from worrying about the food, so that she could focus on the flowers that brought her to this profession.
Fresh Cut is not only focused on flowers and food, but on creating a family.  The couple’s children, Julia and Harrison, are off to college now, with Julia following in her mother’s footsteps by studying floral design. As Wendy says, "Everyone who works here is like a family too!" The couple has worked hard to establish a place where they can all work, laugh, and love together on a daily basis.
This dynamic duo not only managed to cultivate their own love and relationship, but they built a business that enriches so many lives around them.  One might wonder how they could manage such a feat, and the answer is simpler than you would imagine.  They have an amazing balance between work and home, and they continue surprising each other everyday. 
“I am always amazed at how she balances it all,” Bruce said of his bride.  We personally believe that this sort of awe, mixed with their hard work and trust, will continue to bring success to both the Putt family and their Fresh Cut family for many years to come.
{Guest Blogger} Mitchell Walters

As the sun rises tomorrow morning, we usher in a season known for its warmth and long, lazy days.  Summer is a wonderful time to treat yourself to the best Mississippi has to offer: delectable meals freshly charred from the grill, picturesque beaches along the Gulf Coast, and live music with roots in our great state.  Here are a few ideas to help jump start your best summer yet.

{B B Q}

Summer weekends are a perfect excuse to fire up the grill and share delicious fare with your friends and family.  We recommend visiting The Everyday Gourmet in Jackson, MS (, to purchase some amazing Mississippi-made products, great for seasoning and serving your barbecue.  We cannot wait to try the Daddy's BBQ Sweet Love Chicken Rub and the Shapley's Gourmet Seasoning. 
photos courtesy of

Need a little help whipping up an impressive feast?  Head to Greenwood and take a class at the Viking Cooking School!  A list of upcoming courses is listed here on their website!

If you have a craving for a refreshing toddy, shake up a drink with one of the four original Cathead Vodka flavors.  For inspiration, check out their list of Cathead cocktail recipes here.  
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The Mississippi Gulf Coast boasts an impressive 62 miles of shoreline, including 26 miles of gorgeous beaches, just begging you to visit!  The Gulf Coast is known for its white sand and calm waters.  While you are there, shop and eat your way through the many charming cities and towns in southern Mississippi.  For more information, visit  

photo courtesy of

If you prefer a pool, we highly recommend the pristine pool at the Beau Rivage Resort and Casino in Biloxi.  Overlooking the Mississippi Sound, it is a calming oasis and perfect spot for a cool dip on a hot summer day.

Photo courtesy of


Mississippi is known as a birthplace of the blues, and its soulful music still lives on today.  As the great John Lennon once said, "I wish I could play the guitar like B.B. King."  In 2008, the B.B. King Museum and Delta Interpretive Center was opened to honor Mr. King himself, often called "The King of Blues."  Settled on Highway 82 between Greenwood and Greenville, the museum is a must-see.  For more information, please visit

photo courtesy of 

Are you are aching to hear some live bands throughout the summer?  Go to for a complete list of blues festivals, promising rich and captivating music.  

We at Inspiration Mississippi wish you a wonderful start to a memorable Mississippi summer!

{Bride} Christy Marie Blaine
{Groom} Todd Anthony Bledsoe
{Hometown} Todd - Butler, Alabama   Christy - Madison, Mississippi
{Wedding Site} Breezy Hill Farms - Christy's family farm in Canton, Mississippi
{Reception Site} Jiggett Home in Canton, Mississippi

{How did the two of you meet?}
We met during college while we were both competing in college rodeos.

{What is your proposal story?}
We went on a trip of a lifetime with some friends to Europe and he popped the question on a gondola boat in the Grand Canal of Venice, Italy.  It was completely unexpected and amazing!
{How did you pick "the dress?"}
We went to the Bridal Path in Jackson, one because they have beautiful, unique dresses and two because a good friend of mine works there.  We figured out what style worked on me and just happened to find the perfect one!  It was actually one of the first few I tried on.  I loved it!  Too bad we only wear it for one day. 
{Bride's Bouquet}
Fall colors such as burgundy, purple, yellow orange and a touch of lime green

{Bridesmaid Bouquets}
Similar to Bride's bouquet

{What's your favorite unique accessory?  Is there a story behind it?}
I'd have to say the guys Cowboy hats.  We both grew up around rodeo so it only seemed fitting for our wedding.  They looked handsome too. 
{What inspired your wedding and reception locations?}
We both love the outdoors and I had always said I would love to get married under this huge oak tree on the farm and he loved the idea too.  It is actualy my (Christy's) favorite place on the farm.  It is in the middle of the horse pasture.  It is a beautiful tree and there is a pond at the bottom of the hill.  It has the most beautiful sunsets...even though it rained just before our ceremony.

{What inspired your color scheme/theme/flowers?}
I have always loved deep colors plus we were getting married in the fall so it just worked out really well.

{What was your favorite part of the wedding planning process?}
Definitely seeing it all come together the weekend of the wedding festivities.  There was a lot of planning and handmade crafts that went into our day.
{Besides the actual wedding, what was your favorite moment of the wedding day?}
When God allowed the rain to let up so we could get married where he had been dreaming about!  It worked out perfectly.  Even the skies were more romantic due to the storm clouds. 

{What was your favorite surprise detail/moment about your wedding day?}
I loved riding in the beautiful horse drawn carriage and having that special moment with my Dad before he gave me away.
{Your favorite picture from the big day?}
The one where we are almost a silhouette with the dark clouds in the sky and the beautiful oak tree behind us.
Chao Photography  |  Breezy Hill Farms  |  Jiggett House  |  Bridal Path
We had such a great time working on this Game of Thrones themed shoot with MOD by Kristina, Material Girls and Hull Portrait Studio. Check out some of our favorite shots.
Guest Blogger: Rev. Heath Ferguson
Becoming a father is still one of my greatest earthly treasures, outside of marrying the love of my life.  I will never forget that moment when they handed me my precious child.  I was overcome with awe and love to the point of not being able to utter a word.  Somehow at the same time I was also about to burst with excitement.  

While I was sitting in the hospital staring at my beautiful child, my mind went to a verse in Zephaniah; my wife’s favorite verse…

"The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing." Zephaniah 3:17

I am in no way stating that my entrance into fatherhood is exactly how our Father loves us, but that I merely saw a glimpse of that love so pure and exciting that you want to queue the choir singing.

May you know of this love.  May you know that you have a Father, who when He looks down on you He wants to shout it from the mountaintops.  When He looks down He sees Christ’s righteousness so perfectly displayed on us.  God loves us not for what we do, but because we are His. 

He is in our midst.  He is present.  Satan tends to creep in and make us feel like we are alone in this world.  If we could know that God is not only with us, but that it is his pride and joy to be with us, how much more of a comfort would that

Not only is He with us, but He is mighty. Where did we run when the lightning crashed and the winds blew when we were young?  Where did we find safety and comfort?  We ran to our fathers. May we find comfort knowing that we are running to the Father who has the ability to actually calm the storm.   This mighty Father also saves us.  He sent His only son to do just that…save us.

Then He rejoices....over US.  The ones he had to send His only son to save.  He is rejoicing over us with the most beautiful singing our ears have ever heard.  It brings me to tears to know that He would look down on ME, be with me, save me and want to burst with excitement and loud singing over me.  He isn’t sitting there tapping his foot and looking down in disgust, but He desires to sing over us. 

Shane & Shane sums this up perfectly in their song called, Mercy Reigns.  “No ear has heard a melody as sweet as Yours for her.  It seems too good, so undeserved.  My heart faints now, for we are her.” 

This is how our Father loves us.  We are the recipients of the most beautiful love song ever heard.   We are undeserving, but we are grateful. 

As we celebrate our fathers this weekend may you share with others that there is a Father who loves us and wants to sing over us.   May we shout this from the mountaintops. 
We are giddy with excitement about all the loveliness and inspiration in this wedding.  The bride answers a few questions for us below. 

{Bride} Laura Pickard
{Groom} Jay Johns
{Hometowns} Both from Hazlehurst, Mississippi
{Wedding Site} Duling Hall (former location of Fondren Church) – Jackson, Mississippi
{Reception Site} Duling Hall – Jackson, Mississippi

{How did the two of you meet?}
Technically, we’ve known of one another since childhood. But we didn’t really know one another. Growing up in the same Mississippi hometown means everybody knows everybody.  Although Jay claims he had a crush on me in elementary school (I still don’t believe it), we didn’t start getting to know one another until we were paired as a duet to sing in a wedding.  Jay is a guitarist and singer, and I sing some too.  We were asked to sing in a wedding in April of 2009, and over the course of the next year or so we were asked to sing together in two other weddings.  So, we had to “practice” for these weddings.  When we would talk to decide when we wanted to practice, I would make sure he knew I was fancy free on Friday or Saturday nights, hoping he’d get the idea.  He would come to my house, we’d practice for about a minute or two, then spend the rest of the night having dinner and sitting outside on the patio hanging out.  A few weddings and numerous “practices” later, we had our first “real” date.
{What is your proposal story?}
Being very much a “planner,” I was anticipating and hoping for the engagement every second of the day.  We knew we wanted to get married, that we didn’t want a long engagement and that we both wanted a fall wedding, so when summer started nearing, I was hoping for it just about every day.

Unfortunately for Jay, I always think ten steps ahead, so I had already come up with about a dozen different scenarios, dates, times and locations for how he would propose.  Thankfully, he knows me really well, and he assumed I probably had it all planned out in my head.  So, he threw me off by proposing on a night we did our normal weekend routine.  We both got off work on Friday, and he came to my house.  We were debating on whether we wanted to cook something for dinner or go out, and we decided on going out to eat at my favorite Mexican restaurant.  When we decided to go to the Mexican place, I instantly let down my guard, knowing it wouldn’t be happening that night.  We had dinner and did our usual post-dinner stop to grab a Redbox.  We got back to my house, and as I we were getting ready to watch the movie, he got down on one knee.  I was COMPLETELY surprised and so thankful he knew me well enough to know that I would have probably been suspicious with any other type of proposal.  It was the perfect way to propose - when I least expected it on a night where we were just being “us.” I loved it.

{How did you pick “the dress?”}

I loved a lace look, but I didn’t want full lace and specifically wanted a crocheted lace dress, and it wasn’t as easy to find as one might think.  Most photos I found were of a softer vintage lace rather than crocheted.  I was worried I may not find it.

Being from Hazlehurst originally, my mom and I went to our “neighbors” in Brookhaven at Imaginations as my first stop to do wedding dress shopping.  I tried on about a dozen dresses and didn’t think I was going to find it until the owner walked in.  She asked what I was looking for, and I told her I wanted a non-typical lace look. She asked me to give her and minute, she walked off and came back with THE dress.  It was perfect and included the crocheted lace and a beautiful but classically simple overall look.
{What was your favorite surprise detail/moment about your wedding day?}
Growing up, my all-time favorite movie was The Wizard of Oz.  I still love it to this day – so much so that I wore red glitter flats with my wedding dress.  I firmly believe that no matter where you go, there truly is “no place like home.”  I travel a lot for work, and the morning of my wedding, my mom surprised me with a Wizard of Oz-inspired travel bag for my shoes that says “there’s no place like home.”  It was hand made by a woman from my hometown, and I take it every time I go on a trip and remember our wedding day.  It was really special.

Also, the wedding day was held on what would have been my late paternal grandmother’s 85th birthday, November 15th.  So having my whole family there on a day we would have been celebrating her anyway, was really special.  I’m glad we were able to honor her life with the celebration.
{Bride’s Bouquet}
Lesley Frascogna with Tulip created a unique textured bouquet in a palette of coral, peach, butter yellow, and  blush with hints of green and grey.  Flowers included dahlias, ranunculus, garden roses, and succulents accented with novelty foliages and pods.  The stems of the bouquet were wrapped in vintage lace.

{Bridesmaid Bouquets}
The maid of honor (only bridesmaid) carried a bouquet similar in style and color to the bride’s bouquet only it was designed on a smaller scale and featured a different ribbon treatment.
{What’s your favorite unique accessory? Is there a story behind it?}
I had a few really important pieces that day.  First, my “something blue” was a sapphire and diamond ring that my maternal grandmother and I picked out together.  Years ago, she told me she wanted me to have one of her solitaire diamond rings.  This was before I met Jay, but I always knew I wanted a solitaire ring as my engagement ring, and since this would be a “right hand” ring, I wanted to make it look as such, so I asked if she would mind if we picked out a setting together.  It was a really meaningful day – my grandmother and I picking out a sapphire and diamond setting for that ring that I’ll wear on my right hand forever.

Also, one of my best friends from college is an extremely talented jewelry designer out of Clinton, Mississippi.  Her name is Emily Brown, and she owns EAU Jewelry (sold locally at James and Leigh and Blithe and Vine).  She dedicates a portion of her proceeds for the great cause of clean water in other parts of the world. I had asked her to make my earrings, and they were a beautiful pearl drop with a cluster, and they were a perfect complement to the crocheted lace in my dress.  She also made me “knot” hammered gold bracelets for me to give to my closest friends on the day I tied the knot.

Another favorite was a beautiful Ronaldo pearl bracelet Jay gave me on the morning of our wedding.  He didn’t give directly, of course, since we waited to see one another until the wedding.  But his mom brought it to me while I was getting ready, and is now something I wear every day.

{Your favorite picture from the big day?}
This picture was taken the moment after we were announced husband and wife. Just like a woman, I always try to be so careful not to show too much of my gums when I smile in pictures, and I even ask people to keep me in check when we take photos to make sure I don’t do my “huge” smile because I have a big smile anyway, so when I am really excited, I smile even bigger.  I love this so much because, as much as I could have tried to keep it subdued, no one on the planet could have done a thing to keep this huge of a smile away from my face at that moment.
{The picture that represents the two of you best?}
This man keeps me laughing all day long.  We’re goofy. Really goofy.  And we established a comfort level of goofiness frighteningly early in our relationship, so I love that on our wedding day, Robby captured it really well. I’m not exactly sure what Jay said to make me laugh like that, but I’m sure I’ll be making this same face and laughing at this man when I’m old and wrinkled.  I sincerely hope for laugh lines when we’re old. It will be a sign of a great marriage.
{What inspired your wedding and reception locations?}
From early in our relationship, Jay and I found a church home together at Fondren Church in Jackson.  He was a part of the worship team there, and the church had been meeting in Duling Hall on Sundays for the last few years.  Around the time of our wedding, the church had grown to have two services at full capacity, so we knew the time was coming soon for the church to be moving to a new location (they now meet for worship at Woodland Hills Baptist Church).  It was important to both of us to be married in the church we started attending as a couple and at the place where we had grown closer together and closer to Jesus.  Also, with Jay being a musician and having the opportunity to help out and support the great musicians going in and out of Duling Hall, we knew we wanted our reception there as well.

The trick was to figure out how to have both the wedding and reception in the same room – our church and one of our favorite venues in Jackson.  We both really liked the idea of keeping the ceremony intimate, so we decided on a small wedding with our family and incorporated some quality time with them between the ceremony and reception before everyone else arrived (and it also allowed some time to flip the room from a ceremony to a reception).  Then, we invited all of our friends and more extended family to a fun reception an hour or so after we were married.  It was a perfect venue for both events with some time in between to collect our thoughts and do a quick reset before celebrating with everyone.
{What inspired your color scheme/theme/flowers?}
We both LOVE the fall.  But we knew we didn’t want the theme to include dark colors that are prominent during that time of year.  We wanted to capture the essence of fall with a more natural, soft look and feel.  Plus, I wanted to incorporate crocheted lace and a vintage aspect into the day.  I gave Lesley at Tulip a color palette and some photos that inspired me, and she did a great job of using textures and blends to perfectly meet my expectations.  It was beautiful.

The theme was all things “love.”  We truly want our marriage to be a reflection of the covenant keeping love between Christ and His church.  And we know that our relationship with Jesus as individuals and as a couple is what will make our love flourish.  So we wanted to honor the Creator of the best, most fulfilling love, on this day.  We filled Duling Hall with words of love, scripture that tells of Jesus’ love for us and fun, quirky quotes on napkins, coffee cups, behind the cake, near the homemade jellies we gave as favors – basically anywhere and everywhere we could incorporate the word love, we did.
{What was your favorite part of the wedding planning process?}
Honestly, the whole process was probably the most humbling thing I’ve ever experienced.  Being from a small town and having lived in the Jackson area for nearly the last ten years, you realize how truly amazing the people are here in Mississippi.  From the moment we got engaged, the showering of love, generosity and encouragement was the most overwhelming and beautiful picture of hospitality I’ve ever experiencing in a six month period.  I don’t think we could ever effectively communicate how grateful and blessed we feel to live here and be close to our home town.  It was the best season of our lives, hands down.

{Besides the actual wedding, what was your favorite moment of the wedding day?}

Jay and I talked about this on the way home from our wedding reception.  We both felt so humbled throughout our engagement and especially on our wedding day.  When we walked into Duling Hall for our first dance, we had NO idea how many people were there.  We walked in to the center of the room to nearly 500 people watching us.  Circling around as we were dancing, we both just kept telling one another how amazed and shocked we were to see so many people there.  From lifelong friends and extended family that we haven’t seen in ages, to some of my coworkers who traveled from both the east and west coast just to be there for a few hours, we both felt tremendously honored for so many people to have taken the time and made the effort to support us on that day.
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Here at Inspiration MS, we know about all that goes into getting ready for a big event. You spend so much time planning every little detail, but what about planning for yourself? Getting "event ready" starts with getting your skin in great shape. We sat down with SKIN the Spa at The Runnels Center to talk about two of their most popular services to help you look your best for your next big event. They even let us try them out...
First, Jamie received Botox, which is consistently one of the top five nonsurgical procedures performed each year.  In addition to glabellar lines, Botox is used to minimize crow's feet, frown lines and furrows in the forehead. Botox blocks the release of a chemical called acetylcholine which triggers the muscle contracts that create wrinkles, thus essentially paralyzes the muscles and stops them from contracting. Results are visible within one week after treatment and remain for a minimum of three months.
With Botox, it is important to make sure that you consult a qualified doctor before having it done. Many types of physicians perform Botox injections, including board-certified plastic surgeons, dermatologists and facial plastic surgeons. These shots require a precise knowledge of facial anatomy. Make sure you do your research and use a qualified  physician!
Next up, Jordan received the HydraFacial MD, a treatment that has been gaining popularity in the spa industry and has been featured in many trade publications. The HydraFacial MD was performed on the reality show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and was also demonstrated on the show The Doctors in an episode declaring water as the No.1 secret to living longer and looking younger. The facial has also been featured on various news channels as an effective anti-aging procedure.
The HydraFacial MD treatment cleanses and exfoliates while simultaneously hydrating skin and is known to be quick and painless, usually with immediate, visible effects after one treatment. It is designed for all skin types and treats a variety of skin issues, including acne, fine lines and hyperpigmentation. There is no skin irritation or downtime and the smoothness and hydration usually last five to seven days. Because the effects of the HydraFacial MD are immediate, it is the perfect treatment prior to a wedding or other special event.