It is no secret that we are enamored with SummerHouse.  The gorgeous showroom welcomes you with pools of light, beautiful interiors and accessories, and most importantly, a friendly, knowledgeable, and remarkably talented staff!  We want you to get to know the delightful design team at SummerHouse.  We are thrilled to share a little more about each brilliant interior designer today!

~ Tell us about your background in design.  How you always been interested in interior design?
TODD PRINCE: “I’ve been involved in design for 22 years through various companies, Walker Zanger in particular. I started out with my own interior design business in Jackson then went to Walker Zanger for 15 years, then came back to SummerHouse. I have always been interested in interior design!”
KATY HINES: “I graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design. I consulted on the design and specification for new construction homes before joining SummerHouse in 2013.”
ELISH PHARES MOON: “I decided to pursue Interior Design my senior year of high school and never looked back. My degree in Interior Design is from Mississippi State University!”
LINDSEY TOWNSEND: “I graduated from the Interior Design program at Mississippi State University. I have always been drawn to beautiful architecture and details, but it wasn't until my sophomore year at MSU that I realized my real passion was Interior Design. Before SummerHouse I was with an Architecture firm in Nashville, TN that specialized in boutique hospitality and residential design.”
CAMILLE HOLLAND PARKER: “I grew up in a home that allowed me to express myself in creative ways and develop my own sense of style, and my dad's business involved with residential construction really influenced my desire to become an interior designer. I earned my Bachelors of Science Interior Design degree from Mississippi State University and worked in boutique hospitality before transitioning to residential, and I am so blessed to be working in this industry at Summerhouse”!
MARY COURTNEY JOHNS: “I have always been creative since I was a young child. I would cover my Grandma's refrigerator with pages colored from a coloring book every time I would visit and, when I was a little older, would rearrange my furniture in my room when I grew tired of the layout. I continued to hone my creative side under wonderful art teachers throughout middle school, high school, and on through college where I was able to take advantage of both art classes and a focus in interior design.”

~ When did you join the SummerHouse design team?
TODD: I joined in December of 2011.

KATY:  I joined SummerHouse in 2013

ELISH: I joined the Summerhouse Design team in 2011. I've been on staff for 4 years and an Interior Designer for 2.

LINDSEY: I joined SummerHouse in August of 2012

CAMILLE: I joined the SummerHouse design team as a Design Assistant in October of 2014, and transitioned into an Interior Designer position during Summer 2015!

MARY COURTNEY: I gained knowledge and direction under our principal designer, Lisa Palmer, here at SummerHouse for a year and a half before obtaining the title interior designer in March of this year. I love being able to work with clients and having that outlet for my design aesthetic!

 ~ Why is it so important for people to hire an interior designer?  Why is it beneficial?
TODD: “It’s a very expensive process and we are here to help our clients not make errors. You see so many people who try to do it on their own first, then end up spending more in the long run to fix their mistakes and get it right. So you actually save money on the front end by hiring a professional designer.”

KATY: “Interior Designers view the project as a total package.  In order to create an environment that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, much thought and consideration goes into each selection, from the styling, scale and placement of the furniture to the very detail on a pillow or window treatment.”

ELISH: “Interior Designers truly have a gift for blending aesthetic, function, and working with a client's individual needs. There are many things to balance when working with clients on home updates, building, or renovations and an interior designer is specifically trained to address all of them.” 

LINDSEY: “As an Interior Designer we are always thinking of the bigger picture for our clients, how everything in your home can coordinate as a whole and flow naturally from room to room.  We are here sometimes to help you think "outside of the box", while exploring new avenues of design fit to each of our client's personalities and lifestyles.”

CAMILLE: “It is important to hire an interior designer because we can envision the whole space or project from conception to installation, and to ensure you love what you are living in. Interior Design is such an investment, you want to feel confident that you are getting the best functioning design and quality of product available.”

MARY COURTNEY: “Every detail of design can look and feel so different when a client is trying to imagine how the size and color of a sofa, for example, will look and fit in their space. As a designer, I can informatively decide the best scale, fabric, texture, and shape of a piece of furniture for a space while thinking of other aspects that would influence that decision. Clients are much happier when a designer is involved on the front end of a project, ensuring that everything flows and fits the client's taste and way of life.”

~ Describe the SummerHouse style in one sentence or less.  
TODD: “I’d say it’s client specific, it’s livable, and more than anything, it’s comfortable.”

KATY: “SummerHouse is current, fresh, and timeless.” 

ELISH: “Summerhouse Interior Design is multi-dimensional and client driven.”

LINDSEY: “We are a mixture of Modern and Timeless Elegance.”

CAMILLE: “SummerHouse is classic and beautiful, never overdone.”

MARY COURTNEY: “Form meets function - It is possible to have beautiful furniture that is really lived on every single day.

~ What sets SummerHouse's designs apart?
TODD: “Our projects are all tailored to what the clients want and need for their spaces. We don't work under any sort of formula. We start with what the client needs the room to function like, what they want it to look like, and how they want it to feel, all in the budget that fits them best.” 

KATY: “We create comfortable spaces that are current and relative to the lifestyles of our clients while remaining true to our aesthetic and passion for beautiful interiors.”

ELISH: “Summerhouse Interior Design is multi-dimensional and client driven.”

LINDSEY: “We really listen to our clients; we ask questions about how they live and how they would like their home to make them feel. After gathering much information; we design specifically for each client.  We are with you throughout the entire process; we really make it fun and easy!”

CAMILLE: “Summerhouse's designs are timeless and unique to every space. You will never see a design duplicated. Our clients’ spaces are tailored to each of their needs and wants!”

MARY COURTNEY: “All of our designs incorporate our clients' aesthetic along with how they interact with their space. We are each conscious of the small but important details that serve as little invitations into a space.”

~ How does living in Mississippi inspire your design work?
TODD: “I think there is something really special about Southern design in general. I think it’s very welcoming and family friendly. It’s very homey and not so regimented. Family and pets are the biggest things that designs have to accommodate in the South, so each room in most southern homes are very livable, casual, and non-stuffy. I want my clients to love and enjoy every room I design for them.”

KATY: “We entertain A LOT in the South.  It's part of our lifestyle. So we design homes with entertaining in mind! Also, generous rooms with high ceilings are hallmarks of the homes in our area.  Transforming these spaces into inviting environments that are livable and beautiful inspire me everyday!”

LINDSEY: “I like watching how design evolves in Mississippi.  I gain inspiration sometimes from different areas of town or from any of our wonderful art galleries.” 

MARY COURTNEY: “Mississippians deeply care about making their house a home. A lot of entertaining is happening in this state and a home needs to be as inviting as possible. This pushes a designer to add custom touches that speak to a client's personal desire in which everyone is welcome.”

Thank you Todd, Katy, Elish, Lindsey, Camille and Mary Courtney!  For more information on SummerHouse, please visit their lovely website here! 

Also, a special thank you to Christina Foto for the wonderful head shot photos!

{Blog by Mitchell Walters}


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