With the holiday season in full swing and Christmas just days away, it
is time to put the finishing touches on all of your festive decor.  We
reached out to our favorite interior designers at SummerHouse, and we
are thrilled to share their holiday decorating secrets with you today!

Todd Prince: "Magnolia garland and Boxwood wreaths are my favorite!!
You can never have too much fresh."

Elish Moon: "I personally gravitate towards a natural Christmas. I
love a living tree, wreath, and garland. The smell is so festive and
live greenery creates such an authentic feel. It also helps with
storage between seasons. At the end of the season you're done - no
need to stress about creating extra storage in your home. That makes
cleanup a breeze. Merry Christmas!"

Katy Hines: "You can’t beat a natural flocked Christmas tree with
white lights!"

Katherine Shelton: "My favorite way to decorate a tree is to use
burlap ribbon with antique mercury glass ornaments.  Gives the tree a
true old world feel.  One of my tricks to hanging all of the ribbon
and ornaments is to use floral wire.  Makes everything on the tree
look like its literally floating on the branches."

Mary Courtney Johns: "I love adding personal touches within my
decorations, not just using all ready-made items from a store. I have
found that if I invest a little bit more time, I have an overall
greater appreciation and gratification for my festive Christmas decor!
Each year, I try to incorporate new additions. The first project I
completed was my stockings. They are all handmade with the name of
each family member on each. I also have made ornaments using my
wedding photos in clear glass balls with some added details. My advice
is to get creative with what you have on hand and make lasting
memories in the process!"

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{Blog by Mitchell Walters}


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