It is no secret that Broad Street Baking Company and Cafe makes the tastiest King Cakes in Mississippi.  Jen Adelsheimer, Pastry Chef at Broad Street, recently took her incredibly talented team and their delectable King Cakes to New Orleans, competing in the ultimate King Cake Festival.  "We had a blast!  It was so funny because they were all scared that we were from Mississippi!" smiles Adelsheimer.  "But when they tried our King Cake they were amazed that Mississippi was capable of making such a delicious King Cake!"

On January 29th, 2017, over 15,000 people gathered in Champion Square in New Orleans, tasting King Cakes and raising money for Ochsner Hospital for Children.  Broad Street's delicious King Cakes blew everyone away.  "We didn't win, but we had a blast and got our name out there," says Adelsheimer.  

Broad Street's King Cakes and cookies are especially delicious because they are made with one unique ingredient: local milk.  "We get fresh milk delivered three times a week!  All the way for Rolling Fork, Mississippi - Kin Growers Family Farm!  they are an amazing family and go out of their way to deliver fresh milk to our local restaurants and homes."

We have no doubt New Orleans fell in love with Broad Street's King Cakes!  Pick yours up this week before we kiss Mardi Gras goodbye!  Congratulations to Broad Street on participating in the 4th annual King Cake Festival!  
Photographs courtesy of Jeff Good of Mangia Bene, Inc. Restaurant Management Group 


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