Brown Bottling Group is now offering a delicious and surprisingly nutritious drink for children!  Hog Wash is a low-calorie, vitamin-enriched juice drink that children actually love.  With six delicious flavors, Hog Wash is sweetened with real sugar and Stevia, a natural sweetener.  

"Kids love Hog Wash because there are 6 different flavors that taste great, and parents love Hog Wash because it’s a low-calorie drink with vitamins," smiles Emily Helm, Marketing Manager at Brown Bottling Grown.  "My nephew once asked me if he could get a lifetime supply of Hog Wash from me for Christmas!"

With all of the sweet drinks on the market for children, it can be hard to understand which drink is the healthiest!  Below is a comparison chart, showing the differences between Hog Wash and other kids' drinks on the market:
Would you like to try Hog Wash?  Brown Bottling Group will be serving Hog Wash samples at Sal & Mookie's Annual Street Carnival on Saturday, March 25th from 10am until 2pm!!  Proceeds from this beloved event benefit Batson's Children's Hospital, and we can't think of a better time to enjoy a glass of Hog Wash with your family and friends.  

For more information on Brown Bottling Group, click here!  To learn more about Hog Wash, please visit 


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