It all started with a zesty, homemade hot sauce.  On a cold, rainy Mississippi day, Courtney Aldridge and his son began crafting hot sauce in their kitchen.  His daughter, Ashleigh, graduated from college in 2014, and turned their hot sauce into a thriving business.  “I knew I wanted to work for myself.  I got a $10,000 loan and the hot sauce recipe from my father,” reflects Ashleigh.  “The next year I launched two more sauces and then a line of pepper jams.”  D’Evereux Foods was born a week after Ashleigh’s graduation. 

In just over two years, D’Evereux Foods has launched a retail store in Natchez, an online store, and a manufacturing facility.  “There is no shortage of daily tasks,” laughs Ashleigh.  “We end most days feeling like we just ran a marathon.  A few daily tasks include stocking the store, running the store, answering emails, shipping online orders, calling wholesale clients, hot sauce production, and inventory for all three – retail, online and wholesale.” 

D’Evereux Foods carries three incredibly delicious hot sauces and three pepper jams, all with meaningful family ties.  “We carry a Huckleberry Jalapeno Pepper Jam that has a sweet kick.  I used to pick huckleberries with my late Grandfather, so huckleberries will always have a special place in my heart,” smiles Ashleigh.  D’Evereux focuses on flavor first and then heat.  “Our sauces contain a special blend of spices and seasonings that other sauces don’t have.  We work on recipes until they are perfect.  My goal is always to create a sophisticated and southern food experience with an unmet explosion of flavor,” she says.

Even Mississippi Native, Oprah Winfrey, caught the D’Evereux Fever.  In 2015, their entire line of pepper jams was featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things List!  “My personal favorites are Pepper Sauce Rouge and Huckleberry Jalapeno Pepper Jam.  The Rouge hot sauce was the original sauce for D’Evereux Foods and I’ve been drowning my food in it ever since,” laughs Ashleigh.  “It has a thick and zesty flavor and texture that you can’t get anywhere else.  It’s my addiction.”

D’Evereux Foods can be found in their charming retail store, as well as online.  As customers enter the upbeat, southern store, they can write their favorite quote on the “Tell Me Something Good Wall!”  Visitors from all over the world can also tag their hometown on a giant map.  “From the music to the décor, you will love this place,” promises Ashleigh.  “It is right in the heart of downtown Natchez, on the 300 block of Main Street.” 

From Montana to Maine, stores across the country are selling out of Mississippi’s own D’Evereux Foods.  “I think the southern food appeal is irresistible and universal.  My mother is from New Orleans and my father is from Natchez.  That mix of southern and creole culture came to life in my childhood kitchen.  I’ve been cooking ever since and it is my happy place.  Even after a twelve-hour work day, I cook.  Food is more than a passion for me.  Food is everything.”

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