{Name}  Laurel Donahoo
{Hometown} Madison, MS 
{Event Site} The Donahoo Home in Madison! :)

{Tell us about the occasion for the event?} 
My baby girl Lily Ryan turned ONE! It was the fastest and hardest year of my life, but the best all at the same time! 

{What inspired your event location and theme?}
Our theme was inspired by Lily Ryan’s name!  She is our flower girl! Lily Ryan’s garden party was actually pretty easy because beautiful floral things are easy to find, and fresh flowers are always just a market run away! We hosted the event at our home since it’s so much easier for me to get set up. Since the weather ended up being so nice the day of the party, we were able to spill into the back yard and enjoy some outdoor time, which made things even more fun! 

{What inspired your color scheme/flowers?}
Our color scheme was simply “colorful!” That made it really easy. I love mixing patterns, so if I saw some floral napkins, I’d grab them. If I saw some plates in a different floral pattern, I’d grab those too! It all just ended up coming together and working out really nicely (and colorfully!)

{What’s your favorite event detail? Is there a story behind it?}
I must say, my favorite detail of this event was the cake. Unfortunately I’ve had bad luck with cakes in the past, but this cake exceeded my expectations! It was exactly what I wanted, it was affordable, and as it turns out, the woman who made it (Krista Renfroe) is an old friend of my parents. What a small world we live in!

{What was your favorite part of the event planning process?}
It was probably the day-of setup. I loved stringing twinkle lights and flower garland around the living room, setting up Lily Ryan’s teepee and all of the mismatched blankets to create a very casual, fun, eclectic secret garden feel, and arranging the food and drink! Doing that sort of thing is very relaxing for me, so it was a fun day from start to finish!

{What was your favorite moment of the event day?}
My favorite moment of the day had to be watching the birthday girl run around the yard just enjoying herself with her cousins in her cute outfit! Funny story: What she ended up wearing was not what I originally had planned for her to wear, but I got so into decorating for the day that I forgot to transfer her outfit from washer to dryer! Since she couldn’t wear wet clothes, we went with plan B and I loved how that dress wound up looking in pictures! 

{Your favorite picture from the event day?}
I adore the picture of Lily Ryan sitting in my husband Price’s lap opening her gifts. They are concentrating so hard! ha! That picture will probably be one of my favorites for a long time to come. That sweet daddy/daughter bond is unbeatable! 


Photographer: Me! Laurel Donahoo
Event Planner: Me! Laurel :)
Venue: Our home
Florist: Me! Laurel :)
Cake: Krista Renfroe
Cookies: Honeycomb Cookies 



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