Brown Bottling Group is excited to share its newest offering, LIFEWTR. A purified water that is pH balanced with electrolytes added for taste, LIFEWTR combines creativity and design to serve as source of inspiration and hydration. The bottles provide a beautiful canvas for art and design, featuring rotating label motifs created by emerging and developing artists, whose work will serve as a spark of creativity and dose of inspiration.

“One of the coolest things about this premium water is that the artwork on the labels will change every three months or so. There are currently 3 bottle designs, and there will be 3 brand new designs to replace the current ones at the end of May,” says Emily Helm, Marketing Manager at Brown Bottling Grown. Series 1 artists include MOMO, Craig and Karl, and Jason Woodside. All 3 artists create vibrant art for public spaces.

Be inspired and unleash your creative potential with LIFEWTR. To learn more about Brown Bottling Group, click here. You can find more information about LIFEWTR and read about the Series 1 artists at



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