“I have always connected with nature and the history of my family in the outdoors.  But I had grown increasingly frustrated that classic hunting gear had not changed.  It didn’t have modern functionality; there was no place for your cell phone.  So, Wren & Ivy was born,” smiles B.C. Rogers.  “I couldn’t find what I wanted, so I designed and made it myself.  We took classic looking gear and added modern functionality to it.”

Wren & Ivy is a family business based in Madison, creating impressive hunting and outdoor gear.  Each handsome piece is handmade and comes with a lifetime guarantee.  Most of the Wren & Ivy rugged leather bags are crafted in Leon, Mexico.  Rogers says, “Leon is the leather capital of the world and provides the best consistent quality; all of our bags have a great weathered look.  Our motto is ‘Leave a Legacy.’  The day your bag looks the worst is the day you receive it.  We used ours this past hunting season and after over fifty days in the field, they looked incredible.”

Wren & Ivy also has an impressive array of outdoor accessories. “We have everything from a sleep bag to a Gentleman’s Grooming Kit.  All of our products were designed by a man and made with masculine materials – wax canvas and bridle leather.  If you want to personalize your gift, embossing is included in all of our products!  It’s nice to personalize a gift for your husband or father.  It really makes it special for them,” says Rogers.

The intricate Wren & Ivy logo has a wonderful family story.  Rogers smiles, “I designed the logo with an artist friend from Vermont.  My three-year-old daughter is Wren and my one-year-old son is named Ivy.  In the middle of the logo sits the Wren, representing my beautiful daughter, and she is surrounded and protected by her brother, Ivy.  She is resting on three petals, symbolizing the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.”

Rogers adds, “I would never presume my children will take over the company one day.  But I want them to know that everything my wife, Kim, and I do is certainly for them and with them in mind.”  He smiles, “Wren loves to walk in, point to the logo and say, ‘That’s me!’”

Handsome gear guaranteed to last a lifetime.  What a legacy Wren & Ivy will leave on generations to come.  Wren & Ivy products are available in Persnickety, a gorgeous shop in Madison.  For more information on this extraordinary Mississippi company and to purchase products online, please visit www.wrenandivy.com.

{Blog post by Mitchell Walters}



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